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© Diana Lynn Thompson, 2002. Meander, outdoor installation, Silvrett Atelier, Austria, 197’x50’. Meander, a semi-permanent work made of stone, was created directly beneath the Silvretta dam in the Austrian Alps. Thompson’s Meander makes reference to the river that once flowed through the valley, employing a watery, sinuous curve as counterbalance to the harsh setting. Using an existing cement culvert as a backbone, Thompson carried and placed rocks from the bulldozed slopes to create a low-lying, boat- shaped form that pools and takes its time, moving back and forth across the man-made valley. Viewed from the top of the dam, Meander appears as a discreet hand-written mark on a scraped and scoured basin.

2.Gesture 1200 clams  DLT * 2100 x 1453 * (526KB)

3.diana lynn thompson, maple wall * 2100 x 1385 * (651KB)

4.diana lynn thompson, only connect * 2100 x 1499 * (604KB)

5.diana lynn thompson, picea glauca detail * 1712 x 1235 * (812KB)

6.Diana lynn thompson, Spill (pods) detail * 763 x 499 * (102KB)

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