Public Dreamer: Paula Jardine

"Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths."

- Joseph Campbell

Paula Jardine is one of Canada's foremost community artists. Through a career spanning four decades, she has worked with the concept of "Public Dreams." Jardine creates images and events that integrate artists, performers and the public with ritual, celebration and activism. Her approach fosters relationships between individual and community, between conscious and unconscious elements in contemporary culture, and between ephemeral communications and enduring archetypes.

Jardine explores the ways in which human culture emerges from and gives back to natural systems. Choreographing gigantic spectacles of image, science, archetype and interaction, her work creates new spaces and possibilities for art. Crafting myth and sacred space for irreligious and culturally diverse publics, she shows how art can build community identity and create capacities for community action.

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curated by Caffyn Kelley


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